Alexis Sanchez doesn’t want to play boring football at Manchester United

Alexis Sanchez doesn’t want to play boring football at Manchester United

Manchester United are trying to hijack the move of Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez to Manchester City. The Chilean doesn’t want to play Mourinho’s boring football.
Manchester City have made Arsenal striker Alexis Sanchez their number one January target. The Chilean’s contract runs out in the summer and £25 million move in this window has long been in discussion.

Now Manchester United are looking to make a desperate last-minute move for the forward. They are offering Arsenal £40 million including Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

You can see the logic behind the deal for the two clubs. Manchester United gain a pacy, productive forward and stop their city rivals gaining another elite player. Arsenal will bank more cash and have a decent player in Mkhitaryan who can help compensate the loss of Sanchez and likely departure of Mesut Ozil in July.

However there is no way Alexis Sanchez will agree to this. He has been longing to join Manchester City for good reason. They are the runaway leaders of the Premier League, he would be guaranteed a title medal. They are also the best placed EPL side to win the Champions League.

He would likely receive more money from Manchester United as they are so desperate but there are other factors to consider. Man City manager Pep Guardiola brought Sanchez to Barcelona in 2011 and they were together for a year. Sanchez wants to pick up that connection again.

Most crucially City play fluid, attacking football. Manchester United do not. He will be looking at Mourinho’s long record of turning forwards into auxiliary full backs. Wingers become right backs and left backs (Ashley Young, Antonio Valencia) and forwards become defensive wingers (Anthony Martial, Marcus Rashford, Samuel Eto at Inter).

If the choice is between the boring, fearful football of Mourinho’s United or the flowing brilliance of Guardiola’s City then that really is no choice at all.

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